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Make Mainframe Data Available for Modern Analytics

Today many mission-critical applications still run on mainframe servers, where they produce large volumes of potentially valuable business data. However, making that data available for use in analytic applications has until now been technically challenging, slow, and costly. Podium gives data delivery team a modern solution to transform legacy mainframe data into business-ready data, and then deliver that to data consumers through an enterprise data marketplace in a few days.

Deliver Mainframe Data to the Business in Days, Not Weeks 

Automatically convert and map mainframe files
into business-ready datasets

Podium’s mainframe data loaders automatically convert EBCDIC to ASCII data and map complex hierarchical and nested records into standard formats. Podium further maps each field in each mainframe records into corresponding fields in standardized records. By fully automating the mainframe to modern conversion process and eliminating the need for manual mapping, Podium reduces the time required to deliver mainframe data to the business from weeks to days. 

Make Mainframe Data Transparent, Understandable, and Actionable

Document the exact content of every field of mainframe data

Podium identifies and flags corrupt records in mainframe datasets and builds a statistical profile of the contents of every field of data. Fully integrated into Podium's metadata catalog, data and metadata from mainframe applications can then be easily found, understood and added into new purpose-built analytic datasets.

Protect Sensitive Data Originating in Mission Critical Applications

Identify and secure sensitive data

Before giving the business access to mainframe data, IT and governance teams need to ensure that sensitive data originating in mission-critical mainframe operational and transactional systems are well protected. Podium’s intelligent data detection capability automatically identifies, flags, and protects sensitive mainframe data as it is on-boarded into the marketplace. These security measures, combined with user access controls, ensure that sensitive data remains secure as it is made available to a growing number of data consumers and analytic applications. Bring Mainframe Data to Modern Applications Accurately (81) Use Metadata in Mainframe Copybooks to Drive Mainframe Data Conversion Podium uses metadata to improve data accuracy, speed data delivery and make data more transparent and trustworthy. Podium starts by automatically ingesting copybooks from mainframe applications to understand the content of each data file – even in files with decades of data or hundreds of record formats. Additional validation and profiling metadata document the quality and content of mainframe data file. Users can quickly view this metadata through Podium's metadata repository to understand the exact nature and usefulness of newly exposed mainframe data.