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Better Meet the Data Needs of the Business

Meet data demands while freeing resources for higher-value activities.

These days IT and data delivery teams struggle to meet the business’ ever-expanding demand for more data, delivered faster, across the organization. Growth in big data and the expanding use of analytics to drive agile, insight-driven decision making are only going to make the problem worse in the future. Fortunately, a solution exists. Podium transforms the traditional data supply chain into a self-service data marketplace. With this revolutionary approach, IT can deliver data 25 times faster. Imagine supplying new data to the business in just a few days, rather than six months. 

With Podium, IT continues to lead the data management process, but business users get more power to find and prepare their own data sets through a secure, well-governed data marketplace. Business analysts are empowered to get the data they need via self-service, on demand, while IT resources are liberated to work on higher-value initiatives. Podium’s self-service data marketplace eases the IT burden, while generating end-user satisfaction and business value.

Migrate to a Modern Architecture While Protecting Existing Investments

Transition to big data technologies with fewer specialized resources, reduced risk and lower cost.

Podium de-risks the transition toward modern data management architecture with unmatched platform flexibility, empowering IT to begin using big data technologies without the requirement for specialized skills. Podium allows you to extend the value of existing BI and analytics platforms, including decades of accumulated ETL, data warehousing, and analytic appliance solutions. Since Podium is built on open-source technology that is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, companies are never locked into a proprietary solution.

Podium supports any mixed configuration and any environment, whether it’s on premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid to support critical transition choices. Providing piece of mind while supporting multiple views from a centralized access point, Podium is maintained as a single data management platform across multiple cluster and environment views. 

Maintain Control Over Data

Ensure data governance and quality.

With Podium, all data in the marketplace is secure and well governed — from the moment it’s ingested into the marketplace from a myriad of enterprise data suppliers, to when it is delivered to an end user's desktop, or flows to downstream applications or algorithms. IT and governance teams can establish data access rules and governance policies which are seamlessly and automatically applied to data throughout the marketplace process. Role-based data access rules are configurable down to the entity level. Data security is ensured through file system level encryption, as well as field level encryption and obfuscation.