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Modernize Business Analytics with Podium

Enterprise data management like never before.

Traditional approaches to delivering data to the business no longer work. They are too slow, costly, and inflexible. Podium enables enterprise data on demand, giving business users access to business-ready data in minutes, rather than months. Instead of creating a purpose-built data store in response to specific business questions or needs, companies can stage entire collections of data in a secure, well-governed enterprise scale repository. Users need to go to only one place to find the information they need.

Give Business Users Direct Access to The Data They Need

Accelerate and democratize data delivery.

A Podium enterprise data on demand gives business users direct access to a comprehensive repository of enterprise data. This dramatically accelerates the process of finding, understanding, and preparing data. Accelerated business analytics enable companies to become more agile and information-driven. 

Ensure Data Integrity

Improve data quality and governance.

Podium provides essential management features including data security, data governance, and technical and business metadata. This prevents data marketplaces from devolving into disorganized data swamps. Podium includes critical enterprise-scale data management capabilities, such as data ingestion, profiling/validation, cleaning, enrichment, and integration. 

Deploy Quickly and Easily

Get up and running in days, not months.

Podium is an integrated application to on-board, catalog, prepare, and deliver business-ready data. It installs in a matter of days, not months, and at a price point that is far less than traditional approaches. It includes everything needed to use and manage the marketplace, from automated data ingestion through end-user data preparation. Podium supports rapid integration with existing enterprise systems, from databases and BI tools through enterprise schedulers and security frameworks. Podium eliminates the need for custom integration or specialized Hadoop skills to deploy and begin using the data marketplace.