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Maintain Governance, Controls, and Regulatory Compliance

Centralize control with a platform approach.

With Podium, protection and governance are consolidated, centralized, and embedded from the start. Podium uses a platform approach and a robust metadata layer to create a framework of enterprise-scale security and data governance capabilities including the establishment of governance zones that ensures data is completely protected and secure throughout its life cycle, from import through delivery to business users.

Drive Alignment of All Parties

Make decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Through enriched metadata from onboarding data with automated validation, profiling and pattern detection of sensitive data, for example, all parties involved in governance and security know exactly what information resides within the Podium Data Marketplace. Security teams no longer need to unnecessarily restrict access to content simply because they don’t know what the content is. Thanks to greater transparency and alignment, governance and security teams can set levels of control more specifically and accurately. In addition, they have the information needed to make decisions faster and with greater confidence. 

Eliminate the "Data Black Market"

Immediately satisfy users’ data needs with self-service access.

Many enterprises unwittingly create a “data black market” within their own walls. When it takes too long for business analysts to get data, they circumvent official processes and use other backchannels to get what they need. Companies may believe that tighter data controls strengthen data security and governance, but often they have exactly the opposite effect.

With Podium, business analysts have self-service, on-demand access to data that’s both trusted and of critical need to the business. As a result, there’s no reason to “go rogue” and find other ways to get information. Podium maintains governance and security at the point of use, so every user and every process is recorded and tracked.