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Drive Alignment

Simplify data governance and security.

Data governance is necessary to allow self-service data access by the business. Podium’s embedded governance capabilities make it easy to automatically enforce and monitor data access and security policies. Users don’t have to worry about using data inappropriately, and management has the tools they need to report on compliance. Podium’s unified platform drives the entire governance process seamlessly and transparently end-to-end. 

Link All Teams Together

Replace analytics silos with a single platform.

Podium eliminates silos and replaces multiple tools with a single set of tools and data. This results in better coordination and communication, as well as faster delivery of data to business users.

Take a Unified Approach to Data Governance

Promote collaboration through metadata.

Data governance spans organizational structure and engages many stakeholders. Podium’s shared metadata gives all stakeholders a common set of consistent information for data examination, discussions, and collaboration. Governance is dynamic in the marketplace, allowing everyone to contribute to the quality and security of their shared data assets.

Govern Data More Effectively 

Gain insights through automated data analysis.

Through automated data analysis, Podium gives data governance teams faster insights into the data and accelerates data delivery. Podium’s profiling, validation, and built-in automation tools help the governance team quickly understand each new data source in detail. These data-based insights ensure that critical governance policies, such as protecting sensitive data and ensuring data quality, can be efficiently implemented and automatically managed. 

Instill Greater Confidence in Enterprise Data 

Deploy an enterprise-wide data governance process.

When data management and delivery processes are fragmented, business end users lose trust in enterprise data. Insurance company Cigna selected Podium as the platform to deploy a metadata-driven, enterprise-wide data governance process. Podium provided the data management teams with the visibility needed to quickly and collaboratively understand, validate, and improve data assets. Data preparation now happens 50% faster, data profiling and validation happens in a quarter of the time, and users have confidence in the data.