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Agility & Scale

Data governance in the era of big data.

The traditional approach to data governance lacks speed and agility. Driving new data sets through the process can take weeks to months. Podium takes a different and much faster approach — one allowing data delivery teams to give users access to trusted data quickly using five key techniques. 

Establish Data Zones

Provide a gated environment and easily enforce data access privileges.

Building data zones within Podium provides data governance teams with a helpful, gated environment to differentiate data under consideration for governance. It also creates a framework in which to define and enforce data access privileges and track progress in provisioning data to the business through performance tracking and scorecards.

Validate and Profile

Validate and profile all data automatically upon ingestion.

Podium infers the source system schema, enabling comprehensive validation and profiling as a standard part of the onboarding process. By conducting a full assessment of data quality and completeness on the way in, Podium provides a high level of data quality assurance to users. 

Automate the Process 

Dramatically accelerate data delivery times.

With Podium, data teams now put as much data as they want in the marketplace and have completed the validation, profiling and identification of critical datasets in hours, not weeks or months.

Enable Self-Service. 

Empower users across the enterprise to work with data.

Accuracy and accessibility of data as it’s needed for business users is critical to realize the benefits of self-service throughout the enterprise. Combining this process with an easy-to-use nonprogrammer interface, Podium empowers more users to work with the data.  

Collaborate with Users 

Collaboration enriches the marketplace.

Governance is a collaborative effort requiring insight from experts in IT, business, and specific compliance and regulatory groups. The ability to add comments, blog about data, share recommendations, and create new data sets based on shared insights within Podium strengthens data governance in real time.