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Faster Access to Data Means Faster Time to Answers

Get your own data.

The Podium Data Marketplace gives analysts immediate, self-service access to the data they need, when they need it. Leveraging automated validation, profiling and intelligent data identification from the start, it’s quick and easy to shop for the information with confidence using a complete catalog of everything that resides in the data marketplace.  

Explore and Work the Data for Richer Analysis

Do more with your data.

Podium empowers analysts to explore, combine, and prepare data themselves. The system includes a full set of drag-and-drop transformational capabilities. Users can build repeatable dataflows or end-to-end workflows automating the full data lifecycle, with no coding needed. With Podium, data is immediately available for BI solutions, and analysts can share, collaborate on, and re-use data..

Have Greater Confidence 

Understand everything about your data.

The Podium Data Marketplace uses 65+ different profiling and validation statistics for all data in the marketplace while continuously enriching metadata through each step of the management process within a smart data catalog. This catalog is a single view for analysts to understand exactly what information exists in the data marketplace. In addition, users can curate data by adding business information that improves understanding and search.

Bring Data, Share Data

Enrich the marketplace.

Leveraging accurate, trusted data within the Podium data marketplace, analysts can bring their own data (BYOD). By contributing data to the marketplace and sharing it with others, analysts enrich the marketplace.