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Deliver More Successful Big Data Projects

Complete projects faster, deliver more business value.

Big data projects typically are slower, more labor intensive, and riskier than other IT projects. Unfortunately, this often casts doubt on their value and viability. Podium reduces risk by providing best practice functionality that addresses the most challenging aspects of big data projects. That means big data teams can get projects up and running faster, and they can add value elsewhere. Podium converts risky projects into successful ones by transforming big data swamps into self-service data marketplaces. 

A Complete Enterprise Solution Built on Hadoop

Make the promise of Hadoop a reality. 

Podium combines Hadoop's core functionality with a full suite of enterprise data management capabilities in a complete, pre-integrated platform that can be deployed quickly and without complex integration. It transforms Hadoop into a complete and secure data marketplace that any company can deploy confidently. With Podium, you can benefit from Hadoop's performance, scalability, and cost-savings advantages in a matter of days, not weeks.

Stay Current with The Best Emerging Technologies

No new technology or programming skills necessary.

Podium is a turnkey, pre-integrated platform that includes built-in functionality supporting all phases of an enterprise data management project – from data ingestion through delivery. With Podium's point-and-click graphic user interface, all data users can deploy Hadoop-based applications with no IT support or programming needed.

Podium helps IT teams stay up-to-date as new technology is continuously adopted and incorporated into the platform.  Podium is certified with all major Hadoop distributions, is compliant with Hadoop open software standards, and will continuously integrate and leverage Hadoop innovations as they become enterprise-ready.