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Accelerate Analytics

Faster data delivery means faster time to answer.

It’s well-known that most analysts spend over 80 percent of their time finding, understanding, and preparing data for analysis. The Podium Data Marketplace eliminates this bottleneck, enabling analysts to spend more time on analysis and to deliver value faster. Analysts “shop” in the marketplace to get the data they need in minutes, and use an intuitive graphical interface to prepare their data without programming. Users build off the automated data validation, profiling and identification, sharing their data and insights in the marketplace and enriching its value every time it is used. At a pace like never before, the marketplace is ready with the data they need to answer any question.  

End-to-End Support from Discovery Through Production 

Reduce analytics cycle times.

At the start of an analysis, the discovery phase, you don’t know what you don’t know about the data. Analysts shop Podium’s rich catalog of metadata to find and understand the data in the marketplace. They identify data quality and content using Podium’s automated data quality and profiling metadata, viewing sample data, and reviewing definitions and comments provided by other analysts. Once selected, analysts can prepare data for analysis by transforming the data and combining it with other data. During discovery, these steps often need to be repeated dozens of times as the user gains deeper insights. Podium performs these steps in minutes instead of hours or days, accelerating analytical productivity by orders of magnitude. Pharmaceutical company Astellas, for example, used Podium to reduce its analytics cycle time from 90 days to two days. 

Automate Production Analytics

All your data, always available and business-ready.

Using Podium to create and manage a data marketplace ensures that data assets are automatically refreshed and readily available for analysis. End users can load new data sources in minutes without programming. Security is guaranteed, since Podium uses metadata combined with standard and/or customized rules-based pattern matching to automatically identify and manage sensitive data and all data can be encrypted at rest. The data behind new insights can be securely shared among analysts and moved into production management with no conversion effort. 

Better Collaboration = More Insights

'Shop for Data,' then analyze it.  

Podium’s collaboration capabilities accelerate analytics. Analysts interactively browse and search each other’s data, adding tagging, business definitions, and their own insights. Users can see the lineage of a data value (i.e., which data sources and calculations created the value) and who else is using the data. Since data shopping is so easy, valuable data gets reused often and enhanced by the analysts.