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Podium Data Conductor Live Demonstration


One of the key challenges in data lake architecture is how to integrate all data in the enterprise to optimal affect.  Even with clear benefits, the reality is it must thrive in the well-populated landscape of data management platforms, processes and standards. Should all or a subset of information be ingested in the lake, and why? What are the tradeoffs and considerations that would define the right answers to these questions?

Until now, data lakes were synonymous with managing data in Hadoop. Not any more. Podium’s data conductor expands the data universe, allowing data lake teams to manage, discover, and access all data on any platform – not just Hadoop – within an enterprise. This empowers organizations with flexible options to ensure a smooth transition towards this new architecture without sacrificing efficiencies of day-day operations. In this discussion, the functionality of data conductor is demonstrated with the Podium Data Marketplace - integrating a wide frontier of data into an enterprise scale data lake like never before.