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Podium Data Case Study

TD Bank

Podium Data is helping TD Bank turn a legacy data system hampered by hand-coded one-offs into a true enterprise data marketplace. In the process, Podium is giving business users self-service on-demand access to hundreds of enterprise data sources, radically reducing data preparation costs and cutting time to insight for business users from six months to a day.


Seamless, cross-channel experiences. Personalized services. And options,options, options. Today’s consumers demand a lot from their bank and expect to be delighted. In 2015, TD Bank was struggling to keep up with everincreasing customer expectations. The bank’s reliance on legacy systems and hand-coded, one-off efforts to extract data meant that IT teams needed six months to deliver new data to business users to help them analyze the potential of new products, explore customer insights and pursue new market segments. It was also driving up IT costs and encouraging the proliferation of redundant, poorly governed data silos. TD Bank needed a new data solution they could run with.


Executive leaders in the Chief Data Office at TD Bank launched the “Agile 3.0 IT Model” initiative and invited Podium to a six-week proof of concept to determine functional capabilities across a number of complex problem areas. Impressed by Podium’s ability to solve difficult data quality problems quickly and ingest legacy and mainframe data, Podium was chosen—along with Teradata’s Think Big consulting group—to start work on a full deployment in November 2015. By early 2016, hundreds of enterprise data sources had been loaded into the lake and a growing layer of metadata provided users with a robust platform to browse and shop for data. TD Bank’s future—using a new enterprise-scale data marketplace—was quickly coming into focus.


The way TD Bank leverages its data has been transformed from top to bottom. Users can now get the data they need to explore ideas, analyze customer information and pursue more efficient operating models in just hours—something that took six months before Podium. Through the data request application, they have the right tools to interpret and leverage data. And a robust, new layer of metadata and data definitions is allowing users across the enterprise to interpret data more consistently and collaborate more effectively than ever. After a long dependence on homegrown data solutions, TD Bank finally has the enterprise data lake they need to innovate at the speed of customers’ needs.