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Podium Data Case Study


Cigna, one of America’s largest insurance companies, recognized that its data preparation and delivery processes had become unhealthy. Symptoms were everywhere, including falling confidence in the quality of data in Cigna’s data lake, excessive delays in delivering new data to business users and an elevated risk of accidental disclosure of sensitive data. Podium helped provide a cure.


Trust matters, especially when it comes to data and decision-making. Cigna was reminded of this fact in 2015 when a lack of metadata, poor transparency and questionable data quality in their data lake were undermining trust among business users. Cigna’s data management and delivery processes were fragmented, spanning multiple teams, a range of different tools, poor communication and a lack of shared standards to bring it all together. Side effects included business users who couldn’t find or access data in the data lake. And if they could not understand the data, they didn’t trust it, which meant a vote of no confidence in the business decisions made on it.


Good news: Cigna didn’t have to look far. The root of the problem was metadata (or lack thereof) in their enterprise data lake. Cigna selected Podium, with its built-in ingest, profiling, validation, tagging and search capabilities, as the platform to deploy a metadata-driven enterprise-wide data governance process. Curative effects were immediate, deep and far-reaching. By providing easy access to metadata and data in the lake, Podium provided Cigna’s data management teams with the visibility needed to quickly and collaboratively understand, validate and improve data assets, while security teams were able to better identify and protect sensitive data.


Using Podium, today Cigna has a healthy process for preparing and delivering data to the business that is automated, standardized and driven by metadata. Teams of data modelers, architects and stewards collaborate around shared metadata in Podium to prepare and deliver data in the data lake. Data preparation happens 50% faster. Data profiling and validation is 75% faster. Business users are making better use of data in the lake that they can find, understand and trust. And Cigna’s risk team is feeling better, knowing they have a more complete platform to identify and secure potentially sensitive data before it reaches the wrong hands.