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Podium Data enhances its positioning with Data Marketplace update

451 Research

The emergence of managed self-service data environments is becoming more and more prominent in a variety of industries. Data stewards and IT professionals are able to utilize metadata-driven governance approaches, which enables business users – namely business analysts and data scientists – to have access to and make use of information in ways never before possible. And while there are a number of facets that go into this transformation, this revolution is focused on one thing: making it easier for businesses to get – and derive value from – the data they need.

As a company focused on helping enterprises make use of their existing data lakes, Podium Data is leading the way in this revolution. In March, Podium introduced a new term that describes the ideal data management setting that it hosts in its platform: the Data Marketplace. By highlighting the exchange of information that occurs in these environments, Podium's Data Marketplace empowers data producers and consumers alike, while ensuring that organizations are able to maintain regulatory compliance, establish an audit path, and much more.