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Until now, data lakes were synonymous with managing data in Hadoop. Not any more. Check out this video to see Data Conductor in action showing how the Podium Data Marketplace expands the data universe, allowing data lake teams to manage, discover, and access all data on any platform – not just Hadoop – within an enterprise.



This introductory demo takes you on a quick tour of the software and highlights some of the key features that allow Podium to deliver validated, trusted business ready data securely to the enterprise.

White Papers & eBooks

White Paper

Data lakes accelerate data preparation and delivery from months down to days, while empowering data scientists and data consumers with unprecedented on-demand access to trustworthy business-ready data.

Analyst Reports

Eckerson Group

Imagine the power and impact of shopper-like services for analysts seeking data. Finding the right data quickly is essential in the age of self-service analytics.

Ventana Research

Think of your data lake as providing data-as-a-service. Users want access to high quality data from a variety of sources without having to know where it comes from….A data lake with a two-way exchange in which users both consume and contribute data creates a data marketplace.

On Demand Webinars

Data Sheets

Data Sheet

A technical overview of Podium including detailed information on Podium’s architecture, capabilities and interaction with Hadoop and its associated open source projects.