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Enterprise Ready

Purpose-built for the enterprise.

Traditional data management just can’t keep up with the radical increase in both volume and variety of business information and the growing demand by business users for faster access to more data across the organization. Agile enterprises need a new approach that provides self-service access to better quality data, a solution that scales fluidly to meet changes in demand, and one that ensures data protection at every level. Data lakes have thus far presented a very promising solution, but one that presents significant challenges. The Podium Data Marketplace has proven itself a vastly superior architecture and approach, especially for the enterprise. 


The next generation of data lake architecture.

With Podium  companies can accelerate, simplify and de-risk migration  to a modern enterprise data delivery architecture—the Data Marketplace. Podium Data Marketplaces offer true self-service, on-demand access and allow data providers and consumers to securely share information, and then use that information for various reporting, analytic, and visualization applications. Podium Data Marketplaces are built on a shared platform of robust data security and data governance services to promote broader use of data between enterprise platforms and across business groups. That means organizations can now expand access to enterprise data with confidence—without increasing the risk of inappropriate access or data loss. 

Easy Integration

Designed for the enterprise IT environment.

Podium was designed specifically for the enterprise IT environment. The platform supports a wide range of data formats, including legacy and mainframe systems, and can be easily integrated with:

  • Other applications and/or enterprise data management platforms to share data or metadata;
  • Downstream analytic systems, databases, and/or applications to feed system-of-record data across the enterprise;
  • Enterprise data governance and/or metadata repositories to ensure that information in Podium is included in enterprise data management processes and systems;
  • Applications like enterprise job schedulers to operate in an automated, lights-out, batch-processing mode.


Performs faster, easier, and with fewer resources.

Podium is a turnkey, end-to-end solution that delivers out-of-the-box integration. The platform radically simplifies the technology stack by replacing a costly mix of extract, cataloging, transformation, and staging products with a single, consolidated, and scalable management platform. In just days, your organization can deploy an enterprise-ready Data Marketplace in the cloud or on premises. And your Podium Data Marketplace will connect to any data source, anywhere. Import wizards, built-in database connectors, and data loaders simplify and accelerate information processing. Which means you can now deploy a Data Marketplace without any specific Hadoop expertise or programming. Podium not only simplifies and accelerates integration, it greatly reduces the resources you'll need to maintain your state-of-the-art big data analytics functions. 

Made for You

Enormous benefits for enterprises of all sizes.

Podium is an ideal solution for companies using traditional enterprise data warehouses. It's an easy, low-risk way to test new technologies without investing in a new architecture or sacrificing governance and controls. Enterprises can launch a Podium pilot project quickly and cost effectively — without a new center of excellence. For companies already using or experimenting with Hadoop, Podium is an incredibly fast and cost-effective way to transform data lake “playgrounds” (in-house experiments) into a true, enterprise-ready Data Marketplace. For organizations planning to build their own version of a data marketplace, Podium is a practical way to create a proof of concept—quickly, affordably and conclusively.