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One Place for All Data

A consolidated catalog of all your data.

Agility requires that there is one place for users to find and understand data, regardless of where it lives. All means data of all formats, quality, and curation — data from raw to ready. This type of catalog can be created quickly (in days), and supports all data consumers, from expert data scientists to the general business analyst.

Business-Ready Data, On-Demand

On-demand, self-service access to business-ready data.

The marketplace provides metadata closely coupled with data assets, providing users with self-service data provisioning. The definition of business-ready is different for each user community; the marketplace enforces policies for appropriate access.

Reuse & Collaboration

Empower users to collaborate around data sets and insights.

The speed and simplicity of finding data drives reuse of the best data sources. As users develop new data sets, the marketplace exposes them to interested user communities (such as a department or project team) for collaboration, improvement, and reuse. These can be curated to become an enterprise asset and democratized through the marketplace.

Enterprise-Class Data Management

An end-to-end platform approach to security, governance, integration, performance and metadata.

For the marketplace to scale, enterprise policies, such as data protection and appropriate use, need to be in place at all times. Podium facilitates the use of metadata to capture, enforce, and monitor data policies and usage from the time data enters the marketplace.