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Product Overview

A complete, end-to-end solution that allows IT to deliver business-ready data for on-demand access by the business.

Podium is a turnkey software platform that radically simplifies and accelerates how companies manage, prepare, and deliver enterprise data from ingestion through delivery. It's a complete enterprise data marketplace out of the box, and can be deployed quickly either on premises or in the cloud. Using Podium's business-friendly GUI, users simply "Shop for Data" — gaining the unprecedented ability to find, understand, and prepare the data they need themselves, on demand.

Step 01

Data Onboarding

All Sources & Formats

Podium's powerful ingestion framework allows you to bring data from any and all sources into the marketplace with ease — even complex or dirty data sources like legacy or mainframe files.


Complete Validation

Podium validates all data on demand, regardless of where it resides to ensure new data coming into the marketplace is clean and complies with formats and data types. Problematic or dirty data is flagged and set aside for further analysis or remediation.

Automatic Profiling

Podium automatically performs a complete statistical analysis of every data set on demand, giving users instantaneous visibility to the content, structure, and nature of every data asset in the marketplace regardless of where it physically resides. New profiling information — such as the most common values in a field — is added into Podium’s metadata alongside technical and business metadata.

Protects Data Quality

Podium fixes a range of data quality problems which, if left untreated, would lead to dirty data entering the marketplace. These include embedded field and record delimiters, character type conversions, non-standard data types, and multiple record formats in a single file.

Intelligent Data Identification

Podium’s Intelligent Data Identification uses 65+ data profiling statistics to automatically detect and identify different data — including PII — and auto-assigns obfuscation methods based on policies.

Step 02

Data Discovery

Shop for Data

Podium provides a consolidated catalog of all enterprise data, regardless of where it lives, based on rich metadata, so finding and understanding the data is fast and easy. Business analysts can simply diagnose and shop for the data they need, when they need it. This frees the IT and data delivery teams to focus on higher-value activities.


Data Curation

Users are able to search, create, edit, and share metadata properties, enabling crowd-sourced data curation that enriches the marketplace with user insights into the data.

Step 03

Data Preparation

Make Data Business-Ready

Podium contains a drag and drop interface with a full set of transformation capabilities. Easily execute transforms, joins, routing, filtering, aggregation, sorting, unions, and more. Build repeatable data workflows. No coding needed.


Combine Data from
Raw to Ready

Podium preserves data at every step as it progresses from raw to ready. Users can combine any combination of raw data, semi-processed data, or “gold standard” enterprise-compliant data to create custom data sets that perfectly matches their information and analytic needs.

Step 04

Data Publishing

Publish Data for Any Use

Podium enables the self-service publishing of data for use in BI applications and a wide variety of other environments. Supports both one-time exports and recurring publishing schedules.

Maintain Security & Control

Podium allows you to obfuscate fields, specify file format specs, and define delimiters, file type, data load type, and more.