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A New and Better Way

The agile approach to enterprise data management.

The Podium Data Marketplace revolutionizes enterprise data management by replacing today’s slow, cumbersome data supply chain with a single repository of clean, well-documented data. It’s a revolutionary technology and approach that enables enterprises to give business users access to business-ready data on demand, when they need it. This frees IT and data delivery teams from responding to common data requests so they can service the business better and focus on higher-value activities. The Podium Data Marketplace is a more agile approach to enterprise data management. The result: faster access to the trusted, high-quality data needed to make better business decisions. 

One Go-To Source for All Data

All of your data cataloged, described and easily accessible.

The Podium Data Marketplace lets you build a comprehensive view of any data across the enterprise in a single integrated data catalog while independently deciding what data to bring into your big data storage environment and what to leave on other platforms. Users can flexibly move data in and out of the marketplace on demand to accommodate new data sources or business requirements. Data, even if it remains at the source, is cataloged, validated, and profiled, so it’s easy to find and understand. Enterprises with many different system types can unlock the constraints of any data management environment and easily unify their data in the Podium Data Marketplace.   

Self-Service: Shop for Data

Find and prepare your data in minutes, not months.

With the Podium Data Marketplace, business analysts can quickly and easily “Shop for Data” and create their own purpose-built data sets. The intuitive point-and-click interface enables users to access, explore, work with, and export data without any assistance from IT. Imagine preparing data in minutes, not months. Analysts can easily reuse data sets, as well as share insights and data sets with others. The Podium Data Marketplace also supports “Bring Your Own Data,” which means your analysts can easily add their own data to the marketplace and share it with others. 

Intelligent Data Identification

Get greater clarity and instant, business-ready insights.

Podium’s intelligent data identification capability enables you to get more value from enterprise data sets by providing instant business-ready insights, strengthening security, and improving data management efficiency. Podium leverages 65+ data profiling/validation statistics in its smart data catalog to automatically detect and identify different data, including personally identifiable information (PII), exact data duplication, and other business classifications supporting key strategic insights. Podium combines this detail-rich, profiled data with rules-based pattern-matching engines, automating the process of taking action on all the data of interest — eliminating errors, cutting time, reducing costs and advancing true business agility.

Business-Ready Data You Can Trust

Use your data more confidently than ever before.

Podium runs on metadata that affords you visibility into every element in the marketplace. Users know what the data is, where it came from, how current it is, what’s been done to it and by whom. With Podium, users across the enterprise have the context they need to act on the data with greater confidence than ever before.

Complete Governance and Control

Next-level governance and data security.

Podium’s approach to data security centralizes control and applies governance at the point of use. Enterprise-grade encryption and authentication, plus granular-level permissions and tracking, ensure data security and compliance from ingestion through delivery. Learn more about Podium’s governance and security.

Unmatched Flexibility

Supports any environment. Spin up additional resources when needed.

The Podium Data Marketplace allows enterprises to choose where to place their compute spending on a day-by-day, or even project-by-project basis, globally. Architected to run on-premise or in the cloud, organizations can also choose to invoke Podium’s existing security features as an on-premises secure gateway to a cloud-based cluster including elastic processing. Therefore, hybrid variations with some sources within the enterprise, both on-premise and cloud-based, are all managed within Podium. This ability massively reduces data management and governance complexities while making real, the economics of the cloud.