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The Podium Data Marketplace

Introducing the data lake like never before.

The Podium Data Marketplace goes beyond data lakes and revolutionizes how enterprises manage, prepare, and deliver data. You can now give analysts self-service, on-demand access to trusted, business-ready data, while ensuring quality and control. The Podium Data Marketplace accelerates data delivery by 25x while reducing data preparation costs 40%.

A New and Better Way

The agile approach to enterprise data management.

The Podium Data Marketplace transforms enterprise data management by replacing today’s slow, cumbersome data supply chain with a single repository of clean, well-documented data. It’s a revolutionary technology and approach that enables enterprises to give business users on-demand, self-service access to the data they need when they need it. This frees IT and data delivery teams from common data requests so they can service the business better and focus on higher-value activities. The Podium Data Marketplace is a more agile approach to enterprise data management. The result: faster access to the quality data needed to make better business decisions. 

One Go-To Source for All Data

All of your data unified, centralized and easily accessible.

The Podium Data Marketplace brings all enterprise data together into one centralized repository. Users across the enterprise can access current information instantly, and downstream systems can leverage data from the marketplace to fuel analytics or drive other business processes. All data is cataloged, validated, and profiled, so it’s easy to find and understand. Podium supports a wide range of complex data formats and sources, including mainframe and other legacy systems. Enterprises with many different system types can easily unify their data in the Podium Data Marketplace. 

Self-Service: Shop For Data

Find and prepare your data in minutes, not months.

With the Podium Data Marketplace, business analysts can quickly and easily “Shop For Data” and create their own purpose built data sets. The intuitive point-and-click interface enables users to access, explore, work with, and export data without any assistance from IT. Imagine preparing data in minutes, not months. Analysts can easily re-use data sets, as well as share insights and data sets with others. The Podium Data Marketplace also supports “Bring Your Own Data,” which means your analysts can easily add their own data to the marketplace and share it with others. 

Data You Can Trust

Use your data more confidently than ever before.

Podium runs on metadata that affords you visibility into every element in the marketplace. Users know what the data is, where it came from, how current it is, and what’s been done to it by whom. With Podium, users across the enterprise have the context they need to act on the data with greater confidence than ever before.

Complete Governance & Control

Next-level governance and data security.

Podium’s approach to data security centralizes control and applies governance at the point of use. Enterprise-grade encryption and authentication, plus granular-level permissions and tracking, ensure data security and compliance from ingestion through delivery. Learn more about Podium’s governance and security.