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Engineered to perform like never before. 

Podium is an integrated, end-to-end Hadoop-native platform. The platform uses a set of shared services including data management, metadata, security, and governance to support a lights-out, operational, Data-As-A-Service platform.

The Podium Data Marketplace is built using seven core principles of open data lake architecture:

01    Metadata driven
02   Based on native Hadoop
03   Built on standard Hadoop integrations (No connectors required)
04   Supports a broad range of source formats including legacy data
05   Business friendly (intuitive GUI for non-programmers)
06   RESTful APIs
07   Certified across all distributions

External Sources/Protocols

The solution to your source and format problems.

Podium supports a broad range of source formats including relational databases, mainframe data sources and XML files. Even flat files. Non-standard data formats like mainframe files and XML hierarchical records are automatically converted to standardized character sets and formats. Easy and automatic.

Podium Platform

Greater power and flexibility for users. 

With Podium, enterprises have the ability to access and work with all data on any platform, regardless of where it lives. Build a comprehensive data catalog and maintain a persistent repository with data as you need it. This serves as the foundation for your Data Marketplace. Podium’s approach contrasts directly with extraction, transformation and load (ETL) tools that move data from sources to a target—without creating a repository of historical data for analysis. This persistent data repository is key to Podium’s ability to provide truly self-service, on-demand access to data in the marketplace. By maintaining data in the marketplace at each stage of maturity, Podium gives users greater power over data selection and the flexibility to choose whatever data best matches their analytic needs.  . 

Metadata Repository

The magic is in the metadata. 

Metadata is the underlying magic in Podium's revolutionary approach. With 65+ validation and profiling statistics at your fingertips, enriched metadata drives the data marketplace processes and supports many of the platform's key functions and capabilities. Within a Podium Data Marketplace, metadata is directly linked to the data it describes. Both data and metadata are stored locally in the marketplace. Tight coupling of data and metadata revolutionizes the process of enterprise data management. The approach is so effective, in fact, that the marketplace allows data delivery teams —rather than requiring months of IT experts, programmers, or Hadoop specialists – to give the business users self-service on-demand access to business ready data in days. Podium also collects a rich layer of business metadata by allowing users working in the GUI to automatically identify, crowd-source and share insights, comments, tags and definitions associated with different data entities.  

Hadoop Cluster

Realize the true promise of Hadoop, finally.

The Podium platform has been tested and is certified on all major Hadoop distributions including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Amazon EMR. Customers can deploy Podium either on premise, in the cloud, or via a hybrd environment on AWS, Azure, or other providers. Podium leverages native Hadoop storage and processing frameworks including HDFS, MapR-FS, Hive, Pig, Tez, and Spark, and provides native support for the security frameworks and file formats utilized by the leading Hadoop vendors including Cloudera Sentry, Hortonworks Ranger, Apache Parquet and ORC. As a fully-native Hadoop solution, Podium executes all access and processing activities on the cluster leveraging Hadoop’s massive parallel processing architecture to drive faster performance. As a result, with Podium, every enterprise can now reap the enormous performance, scalability and economic benefits of Hadoop.

Export Data

Easily publish data for any use.

Publish enables one-time or recurring replication of datasets across enterprise cluster environments. Administrators define Publish Targets, file format and execute or schedule on a one time or recurrent basis. Datasets can be published to various destination types including HADOOP (and Hive), LOCALFILE, HDFS, FTP, AWS S3, and RDBMS.


Simple, easy-to-use interface.

With Podium users drive every aspect of the data marketplace process through a simple intuitive graphical user interface – from ingesting data into the data marketplace, enhancing data quality, building custom data sets and publishing those out for use. Driven by Podium’s metadata layer the GUI gives user comprehensive information on the underlying data collection and robust tools to search, manage and prepare data for business users. By eliminating the need for specialized programming or technical skills, Podium’s GUI allows a much broader group of users to work with data in the marketplace and get value from this next generation enterprise data asset. 


Enable Automation

Podium's RESTful API is backed by a robust library of function calls integrated with Swagger-UI. This API framework minimizes errors and streamlines API execution. With built-in parameters, payload/response examples, and embeddable CURL commands, automation and scripting is executed with ease providing seamless integration across applications.