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Enterprise governance made easy.

Podium includes a robust set of enterprise-scale governance capabilities, making it easier and faster to ensure that all data in your Podium Data Marketplace is completely protected and secure from data ingest through delivery. As a result, with Podium enterprises can deliver enterprise-scale data-on-demand with greater confidence than ever before. 

Centralized Control

Control and convenience, together at last.

Podium's end-to-end approach to security and governance embeds and centralizes protection and governance features right from the start, allowing organizations to expand access without expanding the risk of loss or inappropriate access. Because it's an integrated solution, Podium makes security and governance easier and more robust than approaches that string together multiple products inherently resulting in complexity and potential failure points. 


Faster and easier integration is better integration.

Podium easily integrates with enterprise security technologies to synchronize all of your active groups and personnel. Examples include Active Directory identity services and domain management, as well as LDAP. Podium then authenticates users against the corporate Active Directory/LDAP/Kerberos infrastructures to ensure easy authentication. 


Authorization without limitations.

Podium manages each user’s access to data through a system of permissions, roles, users, and groups. This ensures that users can only access the right data. Podium gives administrators granular control over each user’s ability to create, read, or write data at the level of a specific database, table, or field. 


Get the data on your data like never before.

Podium provides audit trail information on all actions taken by users in the Podium Marketplace — either through the Podium user interface or our RESTful API. Log data is recorded in the Podium Metadata Repository and covers all actions that affect data, metadata, or both. File- and system-level encryption lets your administrators set role-based access to all data in your marketplace, down to the entity level. Administrators can also limit user access to capabilities in the tool, such as the ability to modify sources or load data. 

Data Encryption

Protecting your most valuable asset: your data.

Field-level data encryption and obfuscation ensures that all data is delivered securely to its intended recipients. This prevents accidental disclosure of sensitive or protected content. Podium’s encryption capabilities also make it easier than ever for clients to meet stringent regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA and Sarbanes-Oxley policies around data privacy and protection of data assets. Users can mark data to be encrypted as it is ingested into the marketplace, or later when it is already in the marketplace. Podium also allows users to flag data that arrived in the data marketplace encrypted from its source system.