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Prepare Data

Make data business-ready. No coding needed.

Podium enhances data with standardization, cleansing, and protection measures and provides users with a full set of transformation capabilities, allowing them to combine raw data sources into business-ready data.

Using Podium’s intuitive GUI, users can create dataflows by simply dragging and dropping operators onto a canvas including Transform, Filter, Join, Aggregate, Sort, Union, Change Data Capture, and Route. Users can also create custom operators and include them in the dataflow.

Podium translates the dataflows into execution jobs in the native languages of the underlying processing platform. These jobs are then executed on that platform, leveraging all available processing capacity in parallel for optimal performance.

Podium’s metadata and profiling statistics guide users throughout the process, including end-to-end validation of the dataflow. The dataflow can be tested interactively as it is developed and saved for automated, scheduled execution.

prepare screen.png

Key Capabilities:

  • Create custom data preparation flow to generate new data sets
  • Drag-and-drop canvas; no coding needed
  • Join, route, filter, aggregate, sort, union, and more
  • Create custom data transformation
  • One-time or repeating, immediate or scheduled
  • Combine data in various states of refinement, from raw to ready

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