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Deliver Data

Publish data for any use. Maintain security and control.

Podium makes data available for easy, secure consumption by a wide variety of enterprise data users by enabling users to configure and schedule data delivery processes.

Podium supports the one-time export of data in configurable formats, or scheduling of recurring publish jobs for consumption in other environments, in compliance with audience format and security requirements.

Data sets are logical collections of data objects that can be replicated to other destinations of various types including Hadoop (with replicated Hive tables), LOCALFILE, HDFS, FTP, AWS/S3, or any RDBMS supporting any protocol via Podium’s Open Connector scripting.

And Podium provides the ability to define the file type, field delimiters, record delimiters, header information, partition merge options, data obfuscation techniques, and environmental properties for Open Connector.


Key Capabilities:

  • Publish data for consumption
  • One-time or repeating, immediate or scheduled
  • Secure and protect data for downstream use