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Catalog Data

Allow users to "shop for data," self-service, on-demand.

Podium builds a metadata repository that documents every aspect of the data and data management process.

This data catalog enables an “Amazon-like” shopping experience in which users can shop for the data they need, when they need it, by searching, browsing, previewing, understanding, comparing, and finding the most appropriate data sets from the overall marketplace collection.

Search tools allow users to apply filters, based on standard metadata or custom-defined properties, to generate result sets that match their criteria. KPIs grade each data set summarizing a complex set of measures on the quality of the data itself, operational status, and popularity among users. Preview options allow users to see sample data or quickly review more detailed metadata regarding individual data sets. Data items added into the shopping cart can go directly into data preparation or publishing jobs or be saved as data collections for later use. Collaboration tools allow users to share insights through user reviews or tags, and share data collections and results.

Podium provides a hierarchical view of data sources, entities, and fields, enabling users to view and manage the associated metadata of all data sources for which they have been granted access. The query window allows users to run Hive/Impala queries from within Podium, while Explore enables the creation of views of the data. 

catalog screen 2.png

Key Capabilities:

  • Browse the data collection
  • Define custom search criteria, save custom views/result sets
  • Save and share custom views
  • Review data scores — quality, operational, and popularity
  • Look at technical and business metadata for each data item
  • Preview sample data
  • Explore particular data items
  • Save data for subsequent use

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