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Accelerate Your Transition to Modern
Data Management with Podium.

Podium accelerates the transition towards modern data management by providing essential capabilities in four areas.

Onboard Data. Catalog Data. Prepare Data. Deliver Data.

Onboard Data

Ensure quality data from the start.

Podium automatically profiles and documents the exact content, structure, and quality of enterprise data as it is brought into the data marketplace from any and all sources. As part of the onboarding process, Podium generates rich metadata, allowing new data sources to be added into the Podium Metadata Repository and laying the foundation for actual data sets to be loaded into the Podium data collection and underlying data storage layer. Built-in loaders simplify the onboarding process and support a wide variety of source types and locations, including RDBMS, mainframe applications, flat files, JSON, XML, S3, and Kafka queues.

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Catalog Data

Leverage metadata to search, preview, understand, and act on your data.

Podium builds a smart data catalog that documents every aspect of the data and data management process. As users search and explore the catalog, technical, business, and operational metadata makes each data element understandable, transparent, trustworthy, and actionable.

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Prepare Data

Go from raw to business-ready.

Podium makes data business-ready by preparing and enhancing it with data standardization, cleansing, and protection measures. Starting with the clean, well-documented “raw” data created through Podium’s onboard process, users can easily standardize, enhance, blend, and filter data using Podium’s drag-and-drop interface — no coding needed. This enables a wide range of users, from business users to data scientists, to access the data they need on demand and create data sets that perfectly match their unique analytic requirements.

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Deliver Data

Easily publish data for any use while maintaining security and control.

Podium makes data available for easy, secure consumption by a wide variety of enterprise data users. It supports one-time exports and the recurring, automated publishing of bespoke data sets to downstream data consumers — including data science or analytic platforms, applications, or specific users. Simple integration with workflow schedulers and built-in event logging and notifications allow Podium jobs to be seamlessly integrated into broader dataflow and application integration schemes. And Podium allows you to obfuscate fields; specify file format specs; and define delimiters, file type, data load type, and more, so you can ensure data security and control. 

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