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Podium Architecture

A complete, end-to-end solution for self-service data delivery.

Podium is a Java-based software solution that runs on top of modern data store and computer platforms including Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. While leveraging these platforms for data storage and compute power, Podium provides additional layers of functionality required to onboard, discover, prepare, and deliver business-ready enterprise data to data consumers. Also contained within the solution is a common framework of services to support integrated data management, including security, data governance, and metadata management capabilities. These services enable a lights-out operational data-as-a-service platform.


User Interface and Modules
All the features and functions within the Podium solution are accessed through an intuitive, browser-based GUI. Multiple modules within the solution (for example, Source, Discover, Prepare, and Publish) provide capabilities to manage the overall process of onboarding, cataloging, preparing, and delivering business-ready enterprise data. GUI actions also direct activity in the other two parts of Podium — the Metadata Repository and Podium Services.

A Common Framework 
Podium’s integrated modules work within a common framework of data management, metadata, security, and governance capabilities. All modules leverage and follow consistent policies, such as users’ data access privileges, data encryption, and file-naming conventions. This makes it easier to understand what’s happening within modules and to maintain the environment. It also results in greater security because a single set of security measures is implemented across the entire environment; there are no potential failure points between different applications or point products. 

Metadata Repository
Podium’s metadata repository is a relational database that manages and maintains all the metadata collected and generated along every step of the enterprise data management process. It is also the secure hub for exchanging metadata with other applications and environment modules that leverage or collect metadata.  

Podium Services
Podium is a Java-based, metadata-driven system that takes action on data, such as ingestion (which includes automated validation, profiling, and history management), metadata creation and management, and data preparation. The actions are executed in the data storage and compute infrastructure layer, making Podium Services extremely lightweight.

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