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Data Management Like Never Before

At Podium, we’re focused on helping our customers becomes tomorrow’s data and analytic titans by transforming our most innovate ideas into practical, high-impact product enhancements. Here are some of our latest innovative ideas and technology advances. 

Intelligent Data Identification

Automatically find valuable insights about data.

Podium’s intelligent data identification capability enables you to get more value from enterprise data sets by providing instant business-ready insights, strengthening security, and improving data management efficiency. Podium leverages 65+ data profiling/validation statistics in its smart data catalog to automatically detect and identify new insights about data, including data that might be personally identifiable information (PII), exact data duplication, and other business classifications. Podium combines rich, detailed profiling data with a rules-based pattern-matching engine to automatically find, flag, and take action on all data of interest — eliminating errors, cutting time, reducing costs, and advancing true business agility.  

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Data Conductor

Catalog everything, regardless of where it resides.

Transforming data from “raw to ready” depends not just on deeper insights, but on the ability to access and work with all data on any platform within an enterprise. Data Conductor is a Podium capability that lets you build a comprehensive view of any data across the enterprise in a single integrated data catalog, while independently deciding what data to bring into your big data storage environment and what to leave on other platforms. Users can flexibly move data into and out of the marketplace. Data, even if it remains at the source, is cataloged, validated, and profiled, so that it’s easy to find and understand. Enterprises with many different system types can unlock the constraints of any data management environment and easily unify their data in the Podium Data Marketplace.   

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