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A growing number of Fortune 500 companies are using Podium to achieve real results.


The Rx for Health Data Governance

Using Podium, today Cigna has a healthy process for preparing and delivering data to the business that is automated, standardized, and driven by metadata.

Faster Data Prep/Load Into Data Lake

Astellas Pharma

A Powerful Cure for Slow Data

In less than 12 weeks, Podium Data helped Astellas Pharma US transform a slow, inflexible, maxed-out data warehouse into a secure, self-service enterprise data lake that gives analysts the data they need in minutes, not months.

More Analytic Projects Completed

TD Bank

Agile Banking 3.0

Podium is giving business users self-service on-demand access to hundreds of enterprise data sources, radically reducing data preparation costs and cutting time to insight for business users from six months to a day.

Lower Data Prep Costs