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Michael Howard

Sr. Principal Software Engineer - Ent Data Management

Michael is an expert in database technology with a broad computer systems background. Prior to starting Podium Data, a Qlik company, Mr. Howard was focused on data warehousing applying Big Data technologies to solve traditional business data processing problems for several major US financial institutions.

Early in his career Michael co-authored the Microsoft Applesoft Compiler for the Apple ][ computer. Michael was then the first non-founder employee of Datext where he architected a specialized time-series database for CD-ROM for the financial services industry. Datext was acquired by Lotus Development Corporation. Continuing his work with CD-ROM databases, Michael joined Ziff Communications as VP Technology for the Computer Library Division. He then founded InterActive WorkPlace, a sales force information system that was acquired by Siebel Systems. Michael later worked with Scalent Systems as Senior Member, Technical Staff. Scalent was later acquired by Dell to become the cornerstone of their data center automation suite.

Michael worked as a research intern at Xerox PARC while obtaining BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from MIT.