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Paul Barth, CEO, Podium Data

Dr. Paul Barth is founder and CEO of Podium Data, creator of the industry-leading Podium big data management platform. He has spent decades developing advanced data and analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies.

Steve Richards, Co-Founder & COO, Podium Data
Co-Founder & COO

Prior to starting Podium Data, Mr. Richards served as the CFO of Peoplefluent where he was instrumental in driving growth and profitability of this $115M leading SaaS provider in the HCM software sector.

Bob Vecchione, Co-Founder & Technologist, Podium Data
Chief Technology Officer

In the 10 years prior to starting Podium Data, Bob Vecchione built strong partnerships with, among others, Teradata, Ab Initio, and Oracle, and delivered industry-leading solutions to many large enterprises including Travelers, American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Staples, and Bank of America.

Michael Howard, Co-Founder & Technologist, Podium Data
Co-Founder & Technologist

Prior to starting Podium Data, Michael was focused on data warehousing, applying Big Data technologies to solve traditional business data processing problems for several major US financial institutions.

Co-Founder & Technologist

Prior to starting Podium Data, Mr. Majid served as Director of Engineering at Epsilon where he was responsible for the development of terabyte scale data warehouse.

Vice President of Marketing

Barbara has been helping data management software companies implement marketing programs for more than 20 years.