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We set out to achieve one goal: to change the way companies use data. Which would change everything. 

"How to handle and harness all this data?" It's an age-old problem, one that software engineers have been working on for decades. It's also, arguably, the biggest and most important challenge facing today's Fortune 500 CIOs. And it's the reason we founded Podium.

Using the past to build the future.

The Podium team is applying decades of experience building data warehouses to find a better way for enterprises to prepare, manage, and distribute their data across the enterprise. Data warehouses can't do it. They just can't deliver the immediate access to trusted data that businesses need to make better decisions. Hadoop has potential, it can even help to reduce costs, but a truly enterprise-ready solution would require security, governance, and self-service access—which Hadoop can't deliver. But Podium can.

A willingness to change everything.

In fact, Podium's Data Marketplace platform is nothing short of a revolution in data management. It's the industry’s first pre-integrated big data management software platform. It moves time-to-answer from months to minutes, consolidates data and processing into a single platform, and ensures data protection and quality. With Podium, businesses are finally positioned to realize the true potential of Hadoop economics.

From inspiration to implementation.

In just a few short years, the Podium team is already delivering on its purpose and its core mission: to revolutionize the way enterprises handle and harness their most valuable asset — their data. And the big data world has noticed. A growing list of Fortune 500 companies are already using Podium's Data Marketplace platform in service of a wide range of enterprise-scale data lake, ETL re-hosting and analytic projects. And this is only the beginning.