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Constellation’s ShortList™ — Podium Recognized for Data Lake Management Excellence

We are very proud to once again be ranked among a small group of digital leaders recognized for deliver transformational data lake management solutions. Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research has listed Podium among the “5 Solutions to Know” under the category of Data Lake Management, 2017.

As the creator of the Podium Data Marketplace our platform was recognized under stringent criteria that included:

  • Native ability to connect to myriad data sources and ingest diverse data types, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources, and file formats native to Hadoop, NoSQL databases and relational platforms
  • Includes visual data-flow orchestration interfaces, data-parsing and data-transformation, job scheduling modules and services-based data-delivery capabilities
  • Works with Hadoop, Spark and high-scale object stores, including compatibility with YARN, native security, governance modules, MapReduce processing, and open-source tools such as Hive and Presto
  • Metadata management, including the ability to capture and apply metadata classifications by source, asset type and business language, giving organizations better insight into data lake content
  • Governance capabilities ensure that organizations can meet strict policies and compliance requirements, supplementing Hadoop-native security controls and data-lineage tracking

Thank you, Constellation Research and the leaders on your research teams that focus on disruptive technologies that achieve exemplary business transformations.