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The Well-Governed Data Lake

August 3, 2017 - 1:00pm EDT
Featuring: Sunil Soares, Infomation Asset


The Rise of
the Data

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Results like never before.

Faster Data Delivery

Lower Data Prep Costs

More Analytic Projects Completed

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  • 25X
    Data Delivery
  • 40%
    Reduction In
    Data Prep Costs
  • 30X
  • 100%

A New And Better Way

Easy, fast, transformative:
do data like never before.

Podium is a turnkey, end-to-end big data management platform that revolutionizes how enterprises manage, prepare, and deliver data. It transforms your traditional data supply chain into a self-service, on-demand marketplace.

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One Go-To Source for All Data

Podium brings all enterprise data together into one, centralized repository where it can be instantly accessed for a wide range of uses. All data is cataloged, validated, and profiled so it’s easy to find and understand.

Data You Can Trust

Podium is fueled by rich metadata, which provides visibility and context for all data at a granular level. Users know exactly what the data is, where it came from, and what’s been done to it so they can act on it with greater confidence than ever before.

Self-Service; Shop for Data

With Podium, analysts simply “Shop For Data” — accessing, exploring, preparing, and sharing data on their own, without any help from IT. Preparing data takes only minutes, instead of months.

Complete Governance and Control

Podium takes a platform approach to data security that centralizes control and applies governance at the point of use. Enterprise-grade encryption and authentication, along with granular-level permissions and tracking, ensure data security and compliance.