Introducing the data lake like never before.

The Podium Data Marketplace

Podium is a modern data management solution that delivers business-ready data to the enterprise with unparalleled speed and agility.



Qlik Acquires
Podium Data.

Podium expands Qlik's portfolio beyond analytics enabling an analytics-ready data strategy.


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Beyond The
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Accelerate your transition to modern data management with Podium.

Onboard Data

Podium profiles and documents the exact content, structure, and quality of a wide variety of enterprise data.

Catalog Data

Podium builds a smart data catalog that documents every aspect of the data and data management process.

Prepare Data

Podium makes data business ready by enhancing it with data standardization, cleansing, and protection measures.

Deliver Data

Podium makes data available for easy, secure consumption by a wide variety of enterprise data users.

Leading companies are using Podium to deliver real results.

To replace an ETL-based data supply chain and enable digital transformation.
To populate their next generation enterprise data-on-demand platform.
To onboard and integrate data in their Marketing Analytics data lake.
To accelerate their traditional delivery process from months to days.
To integrate data across applications following a merger.
To accelerate the data governance process.
To build single view of customers across the business.
To make mainframe application data available in modern analytic platforms.
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  • 25X
    Data Delivery
  • 40%
    Reduction In
    Data Prep Costs
  • 30X
  • 100%

A New And Better Way

Easy, fast, transformative:
do data like never before.

Podium is a modern big data management solution that revolutionizes how IT and data delivery teams onboard, catalog, prepare, and deliver business-ready data to data consumers across the enterprise. It transforms your traditional data supply chain into a self-service, on-demand marketplace.

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One Go-To Source for All Data

Podium provides a single go-to-source to find, understand, and use any enterprise data source – regardless of where it physically sits. Flexible options let you decide what data gets copied into the marketplace and what stays in place, while still ensuring all data in the collection is fully documented in the Podium data catalog. Support for on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment, as well as multi-cluster models, lets you flexibly decide where you want to source, prepare, and deliver data. 

Reuse and Collaboration

By preserving and cataloging new datasets and data preparation flows as they are generated, Podium empowers users to reuse and build-on previously created assets in the marketplace. Increased reuse lowers data preparation costs and accelerated delivery of new data to data consumers. IT experts, data stewards, and business users can make the data collection easier to understand and more useful by sharing their insights regarding particular datasets in business metadata, tags, and blog fields, as well as standard and custom-defined properties. 

Business-Ready Data, On-Demand

Enabling self-service, data managed in Podium is always transparent, trustworthy and business-ready. Data validation, profiling, and quality measures document the exact content and quality of each data source, while easy to use data preparation tools let users quickly promote data from raw to ready to build their own business-ready data sets. With Podium, business ready data is available on-demand, allowing data analysts, downstream applications, algorithms or other data consumers to find and begin using new data they need in minutes, instead of months.

Enterprise-Grade Data Management

Podium delivers on the data marketplace vision by ensuring that the data marketplace includes the full range of essential enterprise-grade data management capabilities, including enterprise-grade security, governance, performance, interoperability, scalability and reliability capabilities.